As we all know, 5G industrial routers are mostly used in the industrial field, especially in some remote unattended places with relatively harsh natural environment.

Stability is very important for 5G industrial routers, so hardware watchdog chips are indispensable

What is a watchdog?

What is a watchdog?
The watchdog is essentially a timer circuit, which generally has one input and one output. The input is called the feed dog, and the output is generally connected to the reset terminal of another part.

A watchdog is actually a counter that can be reset within a certain period of time. When the watchdog starts, the counter starts to count automatically. After a certain period of time, if it is not reset, the counter overflow will generate a reset signal to the CPU to restart the system.

Watchdog function
The function of the watchdog is to regularly check the internal situation of the chip, and send a restart signal to the chip once an error occurs. The watchdog command has the highest priority among program interrupts.

The watchdog of the 5G industrial router is actually an activation mechanism, which is divided into two types, one is a software watchdog and the other is a hardware watchdog.

Software watchdog
The software watchdog is a program detection mechanism added to the main program to avoid problems such as program errors or memory overflow. Specifically, the detection code will be added to the software code. Once an exception occurs, the gatekeeper code will restart the software.

Hardware watchdog
For the hardware watchdog, an additional microcontroller is added, and there is a small program used to detect the entire device. In general, a hardware watchdog is a simple program that is less likely to be abnormal. Therefore, when the main program is abnormal and the software watchdog cannot wake up, then the hardware watchdog will be powered off and restarted to reset the program of the entire device.

AR7088H Industrial Router IPSEC VPN

AR7088H Industrial Router 3 LAN Dual SIM Cart
► Support SA/NSA dual-mode 5G, provide 4G/5G full Netcom high-speed network service
► Triple network port, dual serial port, dual card dual standby, WIFI, GPS/Beidou positioning and communication, Lora, palm size rail installation
► Support dual card dual standby + wired broadband three-channel intelligent redundant backup, making communication safe and reliable
► Support Power 101, 104, South Grid/State Grid hardware encryption, Power 1.4/1.8GHz private network
► Support IPSEC, L2TP, PPTP, openVPN, GRE, GRETAP, DMVPN and other VPN protocols
► Optional custom VLAN, RIP, OSPF, BGP and other network routing protocols
► Support standard Modbus TCP/OPC UA/MQTT, Alibaba/Huawei/Mobile/Telecom and other mainstream IoT platforms
► Support Ntirp, VRRP, traffic statistics, black and white list, data flow filtering, DTU and other practical functions
► Support customization of original configuration parameters, including device name and model, which will not be lost after factory reset
► Support Alotcer remote operation and maintenance cloud, which can directly penetrate the network and remotely access the customer’s own network port or serial port terminal equipment
► Support Alotcer equipment management platform, can remotely view, configure, upgrade and other operation and maintenance of equipment, 10K+ capacity
► Power-level high-standard software and hardware solutions, independent and powerful MCU processor, multi-level watchdog protection, never downtime
► The products have obtained the type test certification of China Electric Power Research Institute, the security encryption certification of China Electric Power Research Institute, China 3C and other authoritative organization certification
► Satisfy 5~35VDC wide voltage, -40~+80ºC cold resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-interference, 24 hours all-weather operation
► Power communication management machine, protocol gateway, optional DNP3.0, IEC101/103/104, IEC61850, DLT_645, PLC protocol, etc.

Alotcer’s various models of 5G industrial routers are equipped with multi-level watchdog protection to ensure that the routers can work smoothly in harsh outdoor environments without downtime for 24 hours, ensuring stable and high-speed operation of equipment.