In industrial manufacturing, machine vision inspection compared to human vision inspection can indeed save manpower and solve the problems caused by human subjective and objective factors. For example, machines do not have human physiological needs and will not be caused by subjective differences. Multiple standards. But it does have several problems, such as:

Real-time problems, low image acquisition speed, slow image processing speed, etc.;
Stability and reliability, are the first issues to be considered in industrial production;
How to meet the problem of flexible deployment in industrial scenarios;

Alotcer 5G edge computing gateway enables information exchange between networks

Centralized cloud computing has many characteristics such as low cost, strong versatility, ultra-large-scale, and strong reliability. However, the practical application of the Internet of Things cannot be separated from the support of edge computing. The 5G edge computing gateway can solve problems of most industrial scenarios encountered, this development is not for no reason, but to cater to the market.

Thanks to the development of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and big data, especially after the official commercial launch of 5G, the importance of terminals has risen to a higher level. It is not only valued as a source of “data fuel”, but More importantly, it will redefine IoT devices with a new identity and open a path of intelligent transformation.

In the field of the Internet of Things, there is a very vivid and appropriate metaphor for “edge and cloud”. We compare cloud computing to a water plant that centralizes water supply, conducts unified water source management, and distributes on-demand to each family. According to their own needs, each household can get the corresponding amount of water just by turning on the tap. This seemingly convenient centralized water supply mode actually has some problems:

The relationship between IoT and 5G industrial wireless embedded routers

First, the centralized water supply mode is difficult to meet the high concurrent water demand. For example, during the peak period of water release, due to the difference in distance from the water source, low water pressure, and even pipeline problems, each household is prone to the problem of uneven water availability or lack of access to water sources;

Secondly, there is a saying in the saying that “far water cannot save near fire”, which reflects not only the problem of distance but also the problem of timeliness. In cloud computing, the most criticized problem in the industry is real-time performance. Due to technology, distance, and other reasons, the delay has almost become an “incurable disease” of cloud computing;

Lastly, don’t put all your eggs in the same basket, there are plenty of massive outages.

The role of IoT Modbus gateways in IIoT
The edge computing on which the 5G edge computing gateway relies is like in the centralized water supply mode, each household drills another well in its own courtyard. In this way, when the centralized water supply is insufficient, or when the centralized water supply is not timely, the well near or on the “end side” has a miraculous effect.

The Industrial Internet of Things goes from data collection to transmission, from transmission to computing, and from hardware to applications for edge computing in industry scenarios, which is just what the market needs.

5G edge computing gateway

AR7091 smart IoT gateway, with a small size, can perform all-weather and uninterrupted work in the environment of -40°C-80°C, supports adding more interfaces through I/O expansion modules, and supports 5G/4G/LIE functions, which can meet the growing demand for smart devices in application scenarios such as manufacturing, retail, smart buildings, and smart education.

The Industrial Internet of Things is becoming the front and center of intelligent transformation in all walks of life, and various intelligent IoT gateways will become the cornerstone of intelligent application innovation, providing the most basic fuel for the realization of intelligence.