Most of you have probably shopped online before. Now that the network is developed and the e-commerce industry has grown, a complete supply chain has been formed, and the international logistics industry has provided huge support. And wireless 4G 5G m2m router are even more critical to promoting the development of smart logistics.

development of smart logistics

Today’s logistics is no longer limited to manual sorting and handling of goods. Smart factories were popularized many years ago, but most of them were in the traditional manufacturing and logistics industries at the time.

Smart logistics industries

The combination of wireless 4G 5G m2m router and smart logistics handling trolleys represents one of the key measures for the current industrial restructuring. As a result of their combination, not only is the workload of employees reduced but the effective performance of employees can also be increased. The costs of employees are reduced, and the maximum benefit is realized. At the same time, the entire factory can be upgraded through the intelligence of 5G.

For factories that intend to develop in the direction of intelligence, the use of conventional logistics to transport smart car AGVs takes a long time to arrange, low precision and high cost, which is not conducive to the long-term application and development of enterprises.

Smart car AGVs

Smart car AGVs in conventional logistics transportation have poor obstacle avoidance capabilities, and low intelligence, and are insufficiently automated to play a significant role in a daily production environment. This can even have a counterproductive effect. At the same time, due to the complex network, easy loss of lines, and unstable signals, it is difficult for the network management department to find problems in time. This results in unnecessary losses. At this time, wireless 4g 5G m2m router play a powerful role.

Alotcer wireless 4g 5G m2m router in Smart Logistics Solutions
Alotcer has built a wireless 4g 5G m2m router based on 5G+ industrial IoT communication equipment. It has taken corresponding measures to address the difficulties in network deployment, long deployment time, inability to manage unified management, and unstable signal transmission.

industrial IoT gateway

The wireless 4g 5G m2m router AR7091 features ultra-high speed, low latency, multi-channel, etc. With the Internet of Things technology, the system can adjust moving speed and driving routes as needed and transmit order information according to system requirements. This helps the server administrator analyze and process data, which improves work efficiency.

By combining communication technology, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things technology and cloud platform, functions such as remote fault detection, remote control, and movement to designated locations of vehicles are realized.

The advantages of wireless 4g 5G m2m router in smart logistics applications

1. In the event that driving distance, vehicle failure, or equipment failure exceeds the warning, an alarm will be issued via sound and light, text message, log, etc., and management staff will be notified to check and resolve the problem.
2. wireless 4g 5G m2m router provide cloud assistants and equipment express lines, which greatly help operation and maintenance personnel in remote maintenance and management control of equipment.
3. The wireless 4g 5G m2m router supports multiple VPN protocols such as IPsec/OpenVPN/L2TP/PPTP/DMVPN, and supports access control, port mapping, DMZ, and SPI firewall applications to protect data security.
4. This wireless 4g 5G m2m router uses industrial-grade design, and the casing has grounding to prevent static electricity; the power interface has anti-lightning, high voltage, low power consumption; the Ethernet port supports 1.5 kv voltage transformation, while the serial port provides 15 kv electrostatic protection, ensuring normal operation.