It is very important that the global water resources are seriously insufficient, and the rational allocation of water resources for effective farmland irrigation. With the automatic irrigation system in the field of scientific and rational irrigation, water resources utilization greatly improved, ensuring the harvest. With the help of the GPRS/3G/4G wireless network, it carries out the unified irrigation management and control of the scattered farmland, the need for timely farmland irrigation, and greatly improves the utilization rate of water resources, saving valuable resources.


Schema diagram

Wireless monitoring for farmland irrigation

System Overview

With the water pipeline, the solenoid valve, PLC monitoring equipment operation of farmland irrigation, PLC field controller is connected with GPRS Industrial Router, interconnection with the irrigation monitoring center. The monitoring center and the meteorological center are connected to obtain real-time meteorological information for scientific and effective analysis to control the area and amount of irrigation water.

Front end: Consist by the main water pipeline, and the pipeline is connected to the solenoid valve, solenoid valve controlled by the PLC, PLC connect with the GPRS devices for communication.

Communications: Scattered remote irrigation and monitoring center are connected by the Alotcer GPRS Industrial Router.

Background: Irrigation monitoring center system and meteorological system data synchronization, through the analysis of climate conditions to determine whether to do the farmland irrigation, irrigation water and the number of times and so on.


System features and advantages

The system is synchronized with the meteorological data so resource information is shared and utilized.

No need to go to the farm field operation

Scientific analysis and control, efficient and economical.

Stable and efficient, 24 hours online.

Low cost, eliminating the high cost of labor.

The equipment is easy to install and maintain, no professional.


Product model and on-site pic

AR3000 Industrial Router

AR3000 Industrial Router

Wireless monitoring for farmland irrigation