The Internet of Things, also known as M2M, is a kind of thing-to-thing connection, where everything can be connected to the Internet or a proprietary network.

5G CPE gateways for IoT are an emerging concept. In the future IoT era, it will be a bridge between sensor networks and traditional communication networks. First, as a gateway, the 5G CPE IoT gateway can connect the sensor network and the communication network; secondly, as data processing, it realizes the exchange of communication protocols between various sensor networks; in addition, the 5G CPE IoT gateway also With the function of device management, it can manage each sensor node at the bottom layer, and carry out related information and remote control of each node.

On the bottom layer, there are sensors or actuators, and some controllers that control the sensors and manipulators. So, if we wanted to connect these sensors and actuators together, through the Internet of Things, what would we end up with?

The “cloud” plays an increasingly vital role in our daily lives and is the cornerstone of our network. The “cloud” provides us with a search engine that allows us to understand “what we want to know”, “what problem we want to solve”, etc. Of course, if not well controlled, some of our privacy and inclinations can be exposed and sold mercilessly to advertisers.

Why are we connecting these sensors to the cloud? The cloud has changed our network and our social life. There are many advantages to uploading sensor data to the cloud: as long as we continuously upload data to the cloud, a large amount of data can be generated very quickly, and then we can perform data mining, statistics, analysis and prediction through powerful computers. In our daily life, if the bus company can grasp the general travel time of passengers, increase the traffic volume during the peak period, and shorten our waiting time; if it is a large supermarket, it can deliver according to the situation of the surrounding residents.

The 5G CPE IoT gateway not only inherits the advantages mentioned above but also adds the management functions of sensors and actuators. Most of the current traditional sensors and actuators cannot be connected to each other – this is also the biggest challenge facing the current IoT system. Integrating existing technologies and existing architectures to take full advantage of cloud connectivity and IoT data management and analytics is key to addressing this complexity with 5G CPE IoT gateways.

industrial IoT gateway

AR7091 is an industrial IoT gateway/CPE based on 5G/4G/3G/2G, WIFI, virtual private network and other technologies. The product adopts high-performance industrial-grade 32-bit communication processor and industrial-grade wireless module, and takes embedded operating system as the software support platform, and supports 1 Gigabit Ethernet WAN, 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN, 1 RS232/ RS485 (optional) interface and 2.4G/5.8G WIFI interface can connect serial devices, Ethernet devices and WIFI devices at the same time, which can meet the needs of industrial field communication.

The role of 5G CPE IoT gateway

5G CPE IoT gateway Multi-protocol
1. Multi-protocol interoperability and access capability
In today’s Internet of Things wave, each communication standard and technical standard are independent and perform their own duties. So far, there is no unified standard. Currently, commonly used sensor network technologies include ZigBee, IETF6 IOWPAN, Wibree, and so on.

In order to use the 5G CPE IoT gateway, users do not need to modify the currently used protocols, including sensor communication and actuator communication; in addition, all users need to do is simply connect the current IoT interface with the 5G IoT gateway interface and connect to the cloud; the rest is up to Alotcer.

2. Considerable economic gain
With the 5G CPE IoT gateway, connect the corresponding interface and connect to the cloud. It’s that simple. It saves money, effort, and reliability, so why not do it?

Let’s summarize the advantages of 5G CPE IoT gateway:

advantages of 5G CPE IoT gateway AR7091

  • Compatible with current protocols and systems, economical;
  • Easy to upgrade, because it is compatible with the original system, the old and updated systems can be used in parallel, which is a redundant backup;
  • Cooperate with cloud service providers to provide support for third-party cloud platforms, etc.

This 5G gateway is backward compatible with the old system, upward and omnipotent. Its function and status are described as a link between the previous and the current system.