5G 4G IoT edge gateway help earthquake monitoring communication solutions

Strengthening the real-time monitoring of earthquakes has become an urgent problem to be solved by the National Earthquake Administration. Today, with the rapid development of 5G technology, there are already relatively mature application solutions in mobile communications, transportation, medical care, natural disasters, and the Industrial Internet of Things. 5G IoT edge gateways can help earthquake monitoring centers make judgments in advance, provide earthquake early warnings, and reduce serious losses caused by earthquakes. Data transmission is a critical component of wireless communication.

5G IoT edge gateway remote monitoring principle
It includes three parts: front-end collection and wireless transmission, central data storage and processing display, and early warning release.

1. Acquisition and transmission: The main function of the seismic data acquisition device is to acquire data, and then transmit the data to the data center through 5G Ethernet. Due to data security, reliability and other issues, the data needs to be encrypted and transmitted.
2. Data storage and cloud platform display: It mainly includes a data server, application server, monitoring large screen and other parts. It is mainly responsible for storing, analyzing, and displaying the data collected and returned by the front end.
3. Early warning release: After an earthquake occurs and is successfully predicted, the forecast results need to be released in time to minimize the loss of life.

5G IoT edge gateway Introduction

AR7091 Industrial IoT Gateway
Alotcer helps earthquake monitoring IoT solutions use 5G IoT edge gateway AR7091 to strengthen earthquake scientific research, monitoring and forecasting, earthquake disaster prevention and emergency rescue. The 5G IoT edge gateway AR7091 adapts to various harsh environments and relies on 5G high-speed wireless networks to provide secure and high-speed wireless connections for remote devices and pre-site networking. The 5G IoT edge gateway AR7091 uses the VPN private network as the medium for wireless data transmission.

The Alotcer cloud platform monitors the online status of all seismic station IoT edge gateway network equipment, batch management, traffic monitoring, and improves management efficiency; the map-based network management system is convenient for users to locate the site and manage the equipment site finely; the optimized network management protocol is suitable for low The network environment with bandwidth and high latency conforms to the characteristics of wireless mobile networks. Manage and monitor remote equipment through the Alotcer cloud platform to improve the overall communication solution for earthquake monitoring