industrial 5g router

5G industrial router is a device that converts the received 5G signal into WiFi. This is so that the devices connected to the 5G industrial router can also enjoy the high speed of 5G. The newly launched 5G industrial routers can meet the needs of a variety of scenarios.

5G industrial router application areas

Pipeline network monitoring: urban heating monitoring, natural gas pipeline network wireless monitoring, urban water supply pipeline network monitoring.

Agriculture: wireless monitoring of water and rain flood control, wireless monitoring of land resources, wireless monitoring of greenhouses, wireless monitoring of farmland irrigation.

Wireless finance: ATM wireless networking, mall UnionPay POS wireless networking, bank rural branch wireless networking, bank 3G4G wireless industrial router networking.

Industrial control: tower crane equipment industrial control wireless monitoring program, PLC wireless monitoring, elevator safety wireless monitoring, tower crane equipment wireless monitoring, large equipment remote wireless monitoring, oil field oil well wireless monitoring.

Self-service terminals: wireless network of intelligent courier machines, wireless network of vending machines, wireless network of digital sign advertising machines, wireless network of self-service payment machines, wireless network of self-service ticketing, supermarket chains, etc.

Urban transportation: wireless traffic violation capture, machine room environment monitoring alarm, vehicle video wireless network, parking guidance system wireless network, intelligent driving test system solution, highway wireless network, street light monitoring.

Meteorological environmental protection: PM2.5 particulate matter wireless monitoring, wireless monitoring of pollution sources, wireless monitoring of noise, wireless monitoring of automatic weather stations, intelligent environmental protection solutions, GPRS digital transmission terminal based on the application of automatic rainfall station monitoring network.

Smart grid: wireless monitoring of car charging pile, wireless networking of remote meter reading, automatic wireless monitoring of power grid, wireless monitoring of transmission line status, power grid solutions, community smart substation networking solutions, industrial 4G 5G wireless router charging pile solutions.