With the continuous development of distribution automation networks, remote control of a large number of distributed and scattered equipment has become an important topic in the power industry. At the same time, power distribution equipment that integrates multiple communication methods, precise positioning, and high-precision real-time positioning has also become a new need. The State Grid has launched the latest standards for primary and secondary grid connection, in order to solve the mismatch of primary and secondary equipment, steadily promote fusion technology, and improve the integration and operation of power distribution equipment. The M2M LTE Modem of the power system meets the latest technical requirements of the State Grid, and its specific applications are as follows:

Industry needs

Distribution Automation

Remote suburbs, rural areas and other areas where a wireless communication environment can be established

power distribution rooms
Well-equipped places such as power distribution rooms

Solution introduction
Alotcer AD7028V is designed and developed based on the latest State Grid standard, and Alotcer is also one of the main manufacturers to formulate this standard. There is a professional-level communication module that is applied to the remote data interaction between the power DTU and the main station of the State Grid Corporation, which integrates 5G, 4G, public-private integration, GPS/Beidou, and interactive protocol protocols. The device can solve the data transmission and timing positioning problems the wireless communication module cannot solve, and can improve the efficiency and accuracy of positioning.

The application scheme of Alotcer M2M LTE Modem in distribution network automation meets the latest primary and secondary integration specifications of the State Grid, improves the overall online rate of primary and secondary equipment, and simultaneously improves the operation level of power distribution equipment and the quality and efficiency of operation and maintenance.

The solution also solves the long-standing networking problem of power lines, and uses wireless network for data transmission, which reduces the inconvenience caused by wiring; at the same time, the device has both network port and serial port functions, which can not only meet the diversified requirements of users but also provide a more stable solution for line networking.